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Rosalind has a wealth of experience to put at your disposal. Apart from her abilities as a writer and editor with particular expertise in food, wine and travel, she is also a very confident presenter on radio, TV and in a group environment.

Wine is often viewed as a complex topic: Roz can demystify it for your audience.

GardeningHer love of wine is interlinked with a passion for gardens and she is an advocate for green issues, ‘Grow your Own’, and the natural world. As a former committee member of the Women’s Farm & Garden Association (once the Land Girls) Rosalind supports the concept of creating green spaces for all.

On a voluntary basis, she has been an advisor to the Galapagos Conservation Trust and the Friends of Hatfields Green in London SE1. Roz now volunteers in the Wildlife Garden at the Regent’s Park in London.

Exercising two Jack Russells on the South Bank in London, and keeping tortoises in a town garden, Rosalind realises how important it is to keep in touch with nature, wherever we find ourselves.


Rosalind has a wide variety of expertise relating to the world of wine: writing, editing, leading tours and guiding tastings. She is also able to help you create your own wine tour or perhaps a short course on wine for key employees. Use her skills to update your magazine content, improve your restaurant wine list, or just smarten up your wine and food image.


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Rosalind has edited food, wine and travel magazines

Rosalind Cooper's book The Wine Year is now available in good bookshops, specialist food and wine stores in the UK and USA as well as online at Amazon.

Wine Year

Rosalind is currently working on various exciting new book projects.